How can I search through the Help Center?

The NIRx Help Center has been designed to be an always growing learning center. Content will be created and updated by the NIRx team and all other registered members. We warmly invite you to post questions or comment, as this will contribute to expand the knowledge base and make it a more useful resource for everybody.

Besides the content available as Video Tutorial and Downloads in the corresponding sections of the Help Center, the two main knowledge “containers” of the site are:

  • The Knowledge Base
  • The Forum

The Knowledge base is a resource created by the NIRx team with the aim to answer the most common questions our users have. Please feel free to comment each entry and let us know if the answer is not clear or incomplete.

The forum, as any other forum, has been created with the aim of giving the possibility to each user to post a question, or interact with all other members of Help Center.

We have created a search engine which searches through all knowledge items, either available in the Knowledge Base, or in the Forum. You may simply use the search box in the home page of Help Center to search for any keyword and all related entries will be shown. 

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