What is a support ticket?

A support ticket is an entry in our support cases database. By submitting a new support ticket, you are creating a new support case and making the NIRx support team aware that you have an issue or simply a question. 

When you create a support ticket, you are able to follow the related thread by logging in. You will be able to see the history of the case and all comments and replies given by the NIRx team. The thread is visible only to you and the NIRx team, nobody else. You are also able to exchange files of any type with the NIRx team.

Submitting a ticket is equivalent to sending a support inquiry to the NIRx team through the email support@nirx.net. By using the ticketing system however, you are making it easier for the NIRx team to monitor all support cases as the database is automatically updated.

If you have any  problem or issue with a NIRx  system, we encourage you to submit a support ticket, rather than send an email. We are however of course monitoring our support mailbox and no email will be discarded. The NIRx support team will promptly get back to you in any case.

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